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Professionally, I have over 30 years of Sales Experience.. Over 20 years in Technology Sales.. Over 15 years in the ML/AI space. Board Member for over 12 years. A business owner for over 10 years. Coaching, Consulting and Speaking for over 10 years as well.

My Goal is to START AN EDUCATIONAL MOVEMENT!! Not about the definitions of or what is offered in the World of AI, but how to adapt to AI.
People who are educated and knowledgeable are more interested in AI.
Interested people in AI are more likely to engage in AI.
The more people engage with AI, the more they feel a part of the solutions.
The more they feel they are part of the solutions, the more that they can help control the AI trajectory.

We should NOT want AI to become another species that is more intelligent than humans.
AI is built by humans.
AI cannot innovate.

We have an opportunity to change the trajectory and use AI as it enhance what Humans can do.

Denise Murtha Bachmann
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