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AI and Copyrighting Concerns

Content creators are using AI now more than ever as part of their everyday practice.
Tools such as Jasper, Taplio, ChatGPT (just to name a few).

In January the Andersen vs Stability AI lawsuit in which artists claimed that AI companies have downloaded and used billions of copyrighted images without obtaining the consent of or compensation to any of the artists.

The question that stems from this lawsuit…

Can AI creators be held accountable for using existing copyrighted material (whether text or images) to train their AI models?

Content creators use that output from the models to then generate their content.

So the next follow on question is….

Can content creators be held accountable for using the output in which copyrighted materials were scraped to generate that output?

✅ What are your thought? (Comment below)
✅ Are you using AI?

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